Welcome. :)

Hi, I'm Summer, I make things.


I am a software engineering student from New Jersey, USA. I write code in my free time and usually publish it as FOSS on GitHub. I have been working in languages such as Java, C#, and JavaScript for several years and would say that I have become fairly proficient in them by now.

As far as experience with Operating Systems, I have been daily-driving Microsoft Windows since late-2017, switching from Mac OS X/macOS after roughly five years. I also have some limited experience with Linux-based systems, but enough to understand how to use the Command-Line Interface.

I do have plans to make a full switch to Linux, however, certain Windows-only applications and a petty, Out-of-Date distaste for Wine has held me back. I've recently been looking into distributions such as Fedora Linux, Debian, Manjaro, and Ubuntu.


My public projects, curated from my Github user profile.